Lost Family Photos FAQ’s
Q: Who is Lost Family Photos?
A: Lost Family Photos was created out of my desire to reunite old photos with decedents. As a family historian one of my genealogy strategies is to visit antique stores when I am in an area doing research. As I look for my family photos I also find many other photos clearly labeled with names, dates and locations. It is difficult to leave these photos behind. A few years ago I began buying photos in the hopes of reuniting the photo with a decedent. Over the years I have had some success connecting other family historians with a family heirloom. Lost Family Photos was started to reach a larger number of other family members who have a passion for family history and will treasure the found photo.

Q: Why do you charge for the photos?
A: Initially I gave these photos to family members for free, however as the collection grew the maintenance cost also increased. The cost of storage, postage, initial research and purchase of the photos is now included in the price of the photo to cover the cost. Lost Family Photos is not in the business of profiting from the sale of your heirlooms, but to continue the work of reuniting family members with heirlooms.

Q: Do you alter the photos or scans of the photos?
A: I do not alter the photos, when they are purchased they are scanned and entered into the data base. The photo is then put in a protective acid free sleeve and filed in a darken area to prevent further fading.

Q: I received my photo but can not read the inscription.
A: I have found using magnifying glass and a flashlight will enhance the ability to decipher the writing. Also tilting the photo to a different angle can be helpful.

Q; Will you do research for me? Can I see a sample of your work?
A: I can perform research on the name(s) in the photo to help you determine if the photo is indeed part of your family tree. You can purchase one hour blocks of research time from the shop. Look for the tree logo in the shop area of the site. If you would like to see my personal genealogy site visit:  www.familytomb.net

Q: How will my photo arrive?
A: Your photo will arrive in a protective acid free sleeve placed between cardboard and then mailed in a bubble mailer. All shipments will be via USPS.

Q: How do I contact you?
A:  Click on the Contact at the bottom of the home page.

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